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Hayk Akarmazyan

“Prosperous Armenia” Party. Member of Political Council.

Rating: 1.13, visits: 20670 (today: 8)

Hayk Sahak Akarmazyan was born on February 24, 1982 in Yerevan.

Hayk Akarmazyan received education at No. 133 School after G. Addaryan (Yerevan). In 1998 Hayk Akarmazyan entered the State Engineering University of Armenia (department of Chemical engineering and environmental Engineering), in 2005 he received Master’s degree in architecture.

While being a student he was engaged in social activities and in 2003 was elected as a president of SEUA Student Council.

From 2003 to 2005 Hayk Akarmazyan was a member of SEUA board of trustees, SEUA Council and Scientific Council. In 2004 he became a member of Youth Council by the mayor of Yerevan. Since 2006 Hayk Akarmazyan is the member of SEUA Alumni Association board.

In 2007 Hayk Akarmazyan founded Armenian Student Forum (ASF) Non-governmental organization. During his presidency ASF and other youth NGO-s conducted “Armenian Youth and European opportunities” seminar, “Bridges between free states” international youth program, “Our army is 17”, “May holiday events dedicated to Armenian three holidays” and other initiatives. Hayk Akarmazyan participated and organized various international youth programs, was the vise-president of National Youth Council of Armenia, was responsible of Eastern Europe Youth cooperation of Armenia, since 2007 he has been the honorary member of “Mandri” international cooperation club.

Hayk Akarmazyan is the member of “Prosperous Armenia” party since 2008. On February 12 2009, during the fourth congress of PAP, Hayk Akarmazyan was elected as a member of “Prosperous Armenia” party Political Council.

Hayk Akarmazyan is the doctor of Engineering, is the author of 10 scientific works, during his activities honored with RA prime-minister gratitude for his “Great contribution on youth state policy”, Yerevan Mayor and RA Ministry of Science and Education gratitudes and several other certificates.

published: 2009-09-07 16:39:02
last updated:2009-09-07 16:48:12

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