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Ara Abramyan

President of the Union of Armenians in Russia

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Ara Abramyan was born in Armenia in 1957. He has an economical higher education.
Abramyan began his professional activity as an engineer at the Producing union Neyron, and shortly become its general director. In 1989 was appointed the deputy head of a department of the Soviet Ministry for electron industry.
In 1991 Abramyan became the head of KOMEKS company, that was collaborating with the Russian State Corporation Elektronika. In 1993 he constituted the Joint Stock Company Soglasiye and remains its permanent head till present. During a short period of time JSC Soglasiye has become a large investment-producing company.
At Ara Abramyan's initiative an intensive exchange of visits between businessmen from Armenia and Russia is taking place in order to activate the trade and economical links between the countries, to deepen the economical integration of the CIS republics. Ara Abramyan pays a considerable attention to the issue of mutual visits of public leaders, scientists and artists, heads of Mass Media, which promotes the regulating of the links between Armenian and Russian theatres, universities and schools.
For his intensive activity Ara A. Abramyan was awarded with a number of Armenian and Russian state awards, as well as with diplomas of international and non-governmental organizations:

in 2002 awarded with the Friendship award;
in July 2003 Ara Abramyan was granted with the UNESCO honorary title Ambassador of Peace.
in 2001 for an outstanding contribution into the consolidation of the civil society in the Russian Federation Ara Abramyan became a laureate of the national Prize Man of the year-2001;
in 2000 for the outstanding merits before the Armenian nation was awarded with the Highest award of the Armenian Apostolic Church - the Saint Enlightener's Award;
in 1999 - awarded with the UNESCO diploma for the participation in Kremlin's reconstruction;
in 1999 - awarded with the breastplate Honorary constructor of Russia;
in 1999 - ordained into a Cavalier of the Saint Great Konstatine's Order and awarded with the Order's diploma;
in 1996 - awarded with a Russian President's diploma;
in 1991 he was awarded with the breastplate Honorary employee of the Soviet Ministry for electron industry;

published: 2006-01-01 00:00:00
last updated:2009-08-12 22:32:12

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