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49 persons found:

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Hayk Harutyunyan(rating:143156/1,comments:24/0)-
Vasgen Sarkisyan(rating:61416/9,comments:440/0)-Military, state and political figure of Armenia
Samvel Babayan(rating:51110/9,comments:159/0)-Leader of "Dashink" Party
Seyran OHANYAN(rating:47964/8,comments:343/0)-RA Minister of Defense
Jirayr Sefilyan(rating:37755/11,comments:708/0)-
Karlos Petrossyan(rating:36208/7,comments:10/0)-Former Director of the National Security Service of the Republic of Armenia
Vagharshak Harutyunyan(rating:34532/7,comments:177/0)-
Monte Melkonyan(rating:33574/5,comments:101/0)-Armenian military
Vrejh Gabrielyan(rating:31489/6,comments:82/0)-Deputy Director of Armenian Rescue Service, major – general
Armen YERITSYAN(rating:30591/2,comments:7/0)-RA Minister of Emergency Situations
Hovhannes Varyan(rating:27926/8,comments:29/0)-
Astvatsatur Petrosyan(rating:27299/2,comments:60/0)-Deputy Director of Armenian Rescue Service, major – general
Hovhannes Baghramyan(rating:24229/2,comments:10/0)-Marshal
Youri Khachatourov (rating:23742/6,comments:21/0)-The Deputy Minister of Defence of the RA
Ararat Mahtesyan(rating:23158/4,comments:10/0)-
Hmazasp Babadjanyan(rating:22683/4,comments:5/0)-Hero of the Soviet Union
Aram Tananyan(rating:22500/3,comments:121/0)-
Hunan Avetisyan(rating:21280/3,comments:10/0)-Hero of Soviet Union
Seryan Shahsouvaryan(rating:20902/6,comments:4/0)-Press-Secretary of the Defence Minister
Alik Mirzabekyan(rating:20519/6,comments:21/0)-The Deputy of the Minister of Defence of the RA
Sedrak SAROYAN(rating:19435/5,comments:9/0)-Member of National Assembly of RA
Hovhannes Hunanyan(rating:19343/5,comments:6/0)-
Norat Ter-Grigoryan(rating:19233/8,comments:4/0)-
Daniel Bek-Phirumov(rating:18843/1,comments:5/0)-
Gourgen Melkonyan(rating:18626/7,comments:8/0)-The Deputy of the Minister of Defence of the RA
Andranik Meloyan (rating:17748/4,comments:21/0)-Senior Assistant-Chief of Administration of Minister of Defence of RA
Artem Mikoyan(rating:17476/4,comments:5/0)-Aircraft designer
Joshim Myurat(rating:17459/3,comments:3/0)-
Shahen Meghryan(rating:17228/3,comments:15/0)-
Michael Harutyunyan(rating:17168/3,comments:12/0)-Minister of Defence of Armenia
Sergey Azaryan(rating:16939/4,comments:16/0)-Director of Armenian Rescue Service
Suren Abrahamyan(rating:16899/2,comments:11/0)-Member of board of Hanrapetutyun party
Ivan Agayants(rating:16772/3,comments:1/0)-
Hayk Kotanjyan(rating:15847/3,comments:1/0)-Politologist. Director of the Center of Strategic Studies at Armenian Ministry of Defence
Garegin Njdeh(rating:13799/2,comments:7/0)-Armenian statesman, fedayee, political thinker
Tatul Krpeyan(rating:13536/2,comments:7/0)-National Hero of Armenia
Andranik Ozanyan(rating:12600/7,comments:8/0)-General
Israel Ori(rating:12520/6,comments:2/0)-Prominent figure of the Armenian national liberation movement
Drastamat Kanayan(rating:11880/2,comments:4/0)-Political figure, military minister
Mkhitar Sparapet(rating:11758/1,comments:1/0)-Armenian national hero
Hovhannes Lazaryan(rating:9880/2,comments:1/0)-Representative of the national liberation movement
David Bek(rating:9760/3,comments:2/0)-Military commander
Alexander Myasnikyan(rating:6833/2,comments:0/0)-Armenian Bolshevik
Movses Silikyan(rating:6785/2,comments:0/0)-General and national hero
Admiral Isakov(rating:6609/3,comments:0/0)-Soviet Armenian military commander
Guy Hayk Bzhishkyan(rating:6603/6,comments:0/0)-Soviet military commander
Mikhael Loris-Melikov(rating:6487/4,comments:0/0)-General of the Cavalry
Smbat The Constable(rating:6341/3,comments:0/0)-Military commander, judge, historian
Hovhannes Lazarev(rating:5596/1,comments:0/0)-Russian general of Armenian origin

Top 10 persons:
1. Sirusho (354632/16)
2. G. TSARUKYAN(277968/43)
3. T. MARGARYAN(241980/12)
4. S. SARGSYAN(234824/14)
5. K. Kerkoryan(220982/24)
6. A. Margaryan(219888/5)
7. A. GHAHRAMANYAN(193771/15)
8. Andre (175062/14)
9. H. KARAPETYAN(161505/8)
10. Arame (157278/18)

Top 10 in this category:
1. H. Harutyunyan(143156/1)
2. S. Babayan(51110/9)
3. S. OHANYAN(47964/8)
4. J. Sefilyan(37755/11)
5. K. Petrossyan(36208/7)
6. V. Harutyunyan(34532/7)
7. V. Gabrielyan(31489/6)
8. A. YERITSYAN(30591/2)
9. H. Varyan(27926/8)
10. A. Petrosyan(27299/2)

Persons born today:
A. Sargsyan
A. Grigoryan

Number of persons
in database: 1323

comments: 132456
added today: 3

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