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57 persons found:

Hasmik POGHOSYAN(rating:30731/1,comments:38/0)-RA Minister of Culture
Tamara Poghosyan(rating:21841/1,comments:18/0)-
Haroutyun PAMBOUKYAN(rating:38247/4,comments:59/0)-
Rafik PETROSYAN(rating:21784/0,comments:7/0)-Former member of National Assembly of RA
David Petrosyan(rating:26154/0,comments:48/0)-Former head of Administration of Nor-Nork District of Yerevan
Evgeni Petrosyan(rating:24743/0,comments:16/0)-
Karlos Petrossyan(rating:36077/2,comments:10/0)-Former Director of the National Security Service of the Republic of Armenia
Nikol PASHINYAN(rating:50240/0,comments:621/0)-Member of National Assembly of RA
Khachik Petrosyan(rating:20227/2,comments:20/0)-Former member of National Assembly of RA
Arthur Poghosyan(rating:24861/2,comments:18/0)-Member of the Central Electoral Commission of RA
Zaven Pluzyan(rating:17904/0,comments:4/0)-Member of the Central Electoral Commission of RA
Alvard PETROSYAN(rating:33033/2,comments:78/0)-
Tigran Petrosyan(rating:23150/1,comments:18/0)-Chess-player
Arevik Petrosyan(rating:19683/2,comments:12/0)-Former deputy Chairman of National Assembly of RA
Aleksan PETROSYAN(rating:25618/3,comments:28/0)-Member of National Assembly of RA
Arthur PETROSYAN(rating:22135/2,comments:16/0)-
Mnatskan Petrosyan(rating:18002/2,comments:3/0)-Member of National Assembly of RA
Levon Poghosyan(rating:19440/0,comments:13/0)-Member of National Assembly of RA
Armen PURTOYAN(rating:22676/0,comments:38/0)-Former member of National Assembly of RA
Razmik Petrosyan(rating:19430/1,comments:3/0)-Mayor of Aparan
Ara Papian(rating:26906/2,comments:13/0)-
Arshak Poladian(rating:21542/2,comments:9/0)-Charge d'Affaires of Embassy of Armenia to Syrian Arab Republic
Rafayel Papayan(rating:19003/1,comments:5/0)-Member of the Constitutional Court
Valeri Poghosyan(rating:18843/5,comments:7/0)-Member of the Constitutional Court
Astvatsatur Petrosyan(rating:27219/1,comments:60/0)-Deputy Director of Armenian Rescue Service, major – general
Karine Petrosyan(rating:19926/3,comments:8/0)-The judge who considers the cases of bankruptcy at the Economic Court, Yerevan
Kristine Pepelyan(rating:70760/8,comments:726/0)-Singer
Sergey PARAJANOV(rating:25864/6,comments:18/0)-Director, artist
Karen S. Poghosyan (rating:9079/0,comments:0/0)-Academician
Elma S. Parsamyan (rating:15930/1,comments:2/0)-Corresponding Member of NAS of RoA
Albert K. Poghosyan (rating:14183/4,comments:2/0)-Corresponding Member of NAS of RoA
Benik PETROSYAN(rating:13837/1,comments:2/0)-Sculptor
Hasmik PAPYAN(rating:16864/3,comments:5/0)-Opera Singer
Tigran Paskevichyan(rating:18066/3,comments:8/0)-Writer, columnist
Mikayel Poghosyan(rating:19378/3,comments:16/0)-Acter
Seyran Petrosyan (rating:14266/2,comments:1/0)-Member of the State Commission for the Protection of Economic Competition of the Republic of Armenia
Slava Petrosyan(rating:12973/1,comments:1/0)-Member of the State Commission for the Protection of Economic Competition of the Republic of Armenia
Vardan Petrosyan(rating:20992/2,comments:56/0)-Actor
Lilit Pipoyan(rating:15410/2,comments:13/0)-Singer
Anahit Parsamyan(rating:23422/3,comments:13/0)-Poet, publicist, translator
Artsrun Pepanyan(rating:27438/2,comments:81/0)-Writer, Publicist
Tigran Petrosyants(rating:86455/3,comments:211/0)-
Vilhelm Poghosyan(rating:6684/0,comments:0/0)-
Ruben Pashinyan(rating:17175/0,comments:2/0)-Writer, Actor
Vahagn Petrosyan(rating:6756/0,comments:0/0)-Non-Party
Susanna Petrosyan(rating:21945/0,comments:77/0)-Singer
Surik Poghosyan(rating:12782/2,comments:2/0)-Former member of National Assembly of RA
Zaruhi POSTANJYAN(rating:16942/3,comments:19/0)-Member of National Assembly of RA
Gevorg Petrosyan(rating:15248/0,comments:6/0)-Former Minister of Labor and Social Affairs RA
Grigor Magistros Pahlavuni(rating:5094/0,comments:0/0)-Linguist, scholar and public functionary
Sahak Parthev(rating:5400/0,comments:0/0)-The 10-th catholicos of Armenia
Poghos Nubar Pasha(rating:11850/2,comments:5/0)-Founder of the Armenian General Benevolent Union
Vahram Papazyan(rating:19917/2,comments:5/0)-Actor
Mushegh PETOYAN(rating:3582/0,comments:0/0)-Member of National Assembly of RA
Shushan PETROSYAN(rating:7696/3,comments:15/0)-Member of National Assembly of RA
Tevan POGHOSYAN(rating:3621/0,comments:0/0)-Member of National Assembly of RA
Karine POGHOSYAN(rating:11408/0,comments:16/0)-Member of National Assembly of RA

Top 10 persons:
1. Sirusho (354013/10)
2. G. TSARUKYAN(276141/21)
3. T. MARGARYAN(241564/5)
4. S. SARGSYAN(234350/8)
5. K. Kerkoryan(220148/9)
6. A. Margaryan(219606/2)
7. A. GHAHRAMANYAN(193541/2)
8. Andre (174579/8)
9. H. KARAPETYAN(161004/3)
10. Arame (157004/3)

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comments: 129449
added today: 83

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