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66 persons found:

Levon TER-PETROSYAN(rating:103757/6,comments:15752/0)-The First President of the Republic of Armenia (1991-1998)
Manuk Topuzyan(rating:22584/1,comments:20/0)-Minister, Chief of Staff of the RA Government
Tigran TOROSYAN(rating:43089/0,comments:157/0)-
Hovhaness Tumanyan(rating:54260/1,comments:49/0)-Poet
Artashess Tumanyan(rating:22426/1,comments:21/0)-Former Chief of staff to the President
Felix TSOLAKYAN(rating:34800/0,comments:135/0)-Governor Of Shirak Region (Marz)
Hakob Tovmasyan(rating:62903/3,comments:664/0)-Mayor of Ararat
Mikayel G. Tumanyan (rating:15492/0,comments:1/0)-
Naira Ter-Karapetyan(rating:21493/1,comments:144/0)-
Lyudmila Ter-Petrosyan(rating:32924/0,comments:75/0)-First Lady
Jivan Tabibyan(rating:16434/1,comments:1/0)-
Garegin Tosunyan(rating:19678/2,comments:4/0)-
St. Gregory The Illuminator(rating:20412/0,comments:4/0)-First official head of the Armenian Apostolic Church (301-325)
St. Aristakes I The Parthian(rating:17725/0,comments:1/0)-II Armenian Catholicos (325-333)
Hamlet Tamazyan(rating:20198/0,comments:8/0)-Member of the National Assembly
Gagik TSARUKYAN(rating:280048/44,comments:1144/1)-Member of National Assembly of RA
Eghish Terteryan(rating:17349/0,comments:4/0)-Member of the Central Electoral Commission of RA
Edmund Tsatouryan(rating:18114/1,comments:2/0)-Member of National Assembly of RA
Vache Terteryan(rating:22225/1,comments:24/0)-
Samvel TADEVOSYAN(rating:8144/2,comments:11/0)-Former Minister of Urban Development of RA
Samvel Toumanyan(rating:18593/0,comments:6/0)-Member of National Assembly of RA
Karen Topchyan(rating:19526/0,comments:9/0)-Correspondent of Russian Service of BBC World Service in Armenia
Merujan Ter Gulanyan(rating:24881/1,comments:21/0)-Vice President of the charitable fund The Vardanian Family
Anahit Tarkhanyan(rating:24124/2,comments:14/0)-Founder of Hai FM 105.5 and Radio "HAY 104.1"
Felix Tokhyan(rating:22780/3,comments:20/0)-Member of the Constitutional Court
Gagik Tadevosyan(rating:18026/1,comments:6/0)-
Vigen Tchitetchian(rating:23243/2,comments:8/0)-Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Armenia to France
Norat Ter-Grigoryan(rating:19377/2,comments:4/0)-
Nerses Bedros XIX Tarmouni(rating:19793/1,comments:3/0)-Patriarch of the Armenian Catholic Church
Bedros Terzian(rating:14757/0,comments:2/0)-
Aram Tananyan(rating:22652/0,comments:121/0)-
Hrachya Tamrazyan(rating:17894/1,comments:8/0)-Poet
Serj Tankian(rating:17930/1,comments:59/0)-Soloist of SOAD
Arto Tunj-Boyajyan(rating:28375/2,comments:109/0)-Musician, Composer
Ella Tarunts(rating:21931/1,comments:32/0)-Singer
Eduard Topchyan(rating:58523/8,comments:315/0)-Conductor
Gagik Tamazyan(rating:26948/1,comments:101/0)-Former mayor of Ashtarak city
Vergine M. Tarayan (rating:14804/0,comments:1/0)-
Hrant S. Tamrazyan (rating:17319/1,comments:4/0)-
Aleksandr Z. Tamamshev (rating:7773/3,comments:0/0)-
Gurgen T. Tadevosyan (rating:13642/1,comments:1/0)-
Armen L. Takhtajyan(rating:14793/0,comments:1/0)-
Aleksandr A. Talalyan(rating:8697/1,comments:0/0)-
Harutun A. Terzyan (rating:15061/0,comments:2/0)-
George I. Ter-Stephanyan (rating:8628/0,comments:0/0)-Academician
Nazareth E. Tovmasyan (rating:15446/0,comments:2/0)-Corresponding Member of NAS of RoA
Levon TYUTYUNDJIAN(rating:10284/4,comments:0/0)-Artist
Levon Tukhikyan(rating:16429/1,comments:1/0)-Actor of Yerevan Dramatic Theatre
Hovhannes Teqgiozyan(rating:15531/0,comments:6/0)-Stage and screen actor
Alla (Altolina) Tumanyan(rating:19493/1,comments:22/0)-Actress
Gurgen Tonunts(rating:8984/1,comments:0/0)-Actor
Anahit Topchyan(rating:33632/9,comments:35/0)-Actress
Avet (Alfred) Terteryan(rating:20120/1,comments:9/0)-Composer
Vasak Toroyan (rating:16224/1,comments:2/0)-Member of the State Commission for the Protection of Economic Competition of the Republic of Armenia
Barsegh TUMANYAN(rating:20620/3,comments:14/0)-Opera Singer
Ashot TONOYAN(rating:20349/1,comments:10/0)-Former member of National Assembly of RA
Shirak TOROSYAN(rating:20930/9,comments:14/0)-Member of National Assembly of RA
Robert TOVMASYAN(rating:38600/0,comments:19/0)-
Alexander Tamanyan (rating:18076/2,comments:27/0)-Armenian neoclassical architect
Nerses The Great(rating:6009/0,comments:0/0)-Armenian Catholicos (353-372)
Nerses IV The Gracious(rating:5989/0,comments:0/0)-Poet, writer and religious hymn composer
Soghomon Tehliryan(rating:27752/2,comments:119/0)-Armenian Genocide survivor
Smbat The Constable(rating:6407/1,comments:0/0)-Military commander, judge, historian
Tigran The Great(rating:44119/4,comments:5/0)-King of Armenia
Vahan Teryan(rating:23234/2,comments:8/0)-Poet
Hrayr TOVMASYAN(rating:19490/3,comments:28/0)-Head of Staff of the National Assembly of RA

Top 10 persons:
1. Sirusho (355322/10)
2. G. TSARUKYAN(280048/44)
3. T. MARGARYAN(242401/8)
4. S. SARGSYAN(235366/8)
5. K. Kerkoryan(221941/17)
6. A. Margaryan(220244/6)
7. A. GHAHRAMANYAN(194073/2)
8. Andre (175735/7)
9. H. KARAPETYAN(162128/5)
10. Arame (157657/6)

Persons born today:
M. Avetisyan

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in database: 1323

comments: 133374
added today: 128

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